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The greatest beach and greatest green park of the Geneva lake (In French: Lake Léman). Arranged in continuation to the Swiss National Expo of 1964, this great space of relaxation is located between the marina of Vidy and the small river of Chambronne.

The beach is divided into various lake sand handles, separated by dams in rocks where the birds rest. A very beautiful tarred walk separates the beaches from the lawns, walk open to the walkers, the touring cyclists, the rollers-skating and child's scooters.

The lawns, separated by small forests, are free access and often are taken by storm the days of hot summer days. It is allowed to make grills either on the barbecues installed beforehand, or by carrying its own material. The lawns are also an adventure playground extremely appreciated of the families which can let play their children with complete freedom.

Vidy is a place where the lausannois go there all the year, either to practice sport (excellent infrastructures allowing the practice of the beach-volleyball, the tennis, the athletics and football), or for simply, to leave the stressing atmosphere of the city and to find calm it Lake Léman (In English: Geneva Lake).

The site of Vidy is also a natural reserve in which reproduces a great number of species, which are the lake birds or the batrachians with the pond of Le Bourget.


Line N° 2 - stop to Maladière, Bois de Vaux or Sablons

Subway M2

Line Flon - Ouchy - stop to Ouchy - 15mn with foot for the entry on the site

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